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A fence that is both stylish and functional at the same time? An aluminum fence gives that to you. Plus, you also get the kind of durability that you would not get from other fence materials. Those are the advantages of aluminum fences. But, to ensure you get that, you want to work with the best contractor. At Faster Fences, you get exactly that – the top aluminum fence contractor and builder.

The best aluminum fence service is within your reach. In fact, we’re just a call away at Faster Fences. You can trust us to deliver the type of fence you want. Whatever expectations you might have, we guarantee to exceed them all.


Trusted Aluminum Fence Contractor
Trusted Aluminum Fence Contractor
Every homeowner wants to guarantee the safety and security of their property. One sure way to do that is by getting a quality aluminum fence. But you need a reliable aluminum fence contractor in order to guarantee that. As a responsible homeowner, you can get that from us at Faster Fences. As a leading aluminum fence contractor and builder, we are also one of the most trusted. We gained that trust through the outstanding quality of our work and prioritizing customer service.
Removal of Aluminum Fence
Removal of Aluminum Fence
Do you want to remove your aluminum fence? It could be for any reason. You might want a new material for your fence, or the style might not be to your liking anymore. But regardless of why you want it removed, a professional fence contractor should handle the removal. Our team is not just great at creating and building fences, but we are also proficient in removing and dismantling fences. It is part of our aluminum fence services. So you can rely on our expertise to remove your fence in a fast and efficient way.
Aluminum Fence Style and Ideas
Aluminum Fence Style and Ideas
You might have a few ideas and styles in mind for your aluminum fence. That's fine, especially if you want your fence to have some personal touch. As long as those ideas are practical and will work, they can be incorporated. With our considerable experience and expertise in the industry, we can accommodate whatever ideas you have. We have worked with all types of materials as well as different kinds of styles. So if you have any ideas, just let us know. We can make it work as a premier aluminum fence builder.
Aluminum Fence Calculator
Aluminum Fence Calculator
Are you planning on getting an aluminum fence installed around your property? If so, then you'll benefit from all the advantages of using an aluminum fence. For one, the durability of your fence is assured. It will likely last longer than other types of fences. However, you will likely want to know the cost of an aluminum fence before you commit to it. That's only natural, especially if you are on a budget. No need to worry, contact us and enjoy our free estimate offer. Our aluminum fence calculator will let you know how much you need to prepare to get your project going.
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Why choose Faster Fences for your aluminum fence service?

Why choose Faster Fences for your aluminum fence service? The first thing is that it makes sense to choose a leading aluminum fence contractor. We managed to become the best by consistently creating and installing high-level fences for our customers.

Our aluminum fence services are not just high-quality, they are also among the most affordable aluminum fencing available. If you are planning on getting an aluminum fence for your home, please call us so we can help you get the security, safety, and style you want.


Frequently Ask Questions

How do you install an aluminum fence? What's the process involved? Here are the steps to do so:

  • Lay out the entire fence. Use wooden stakes to indicate the end posts, corner posts, and gate posts. Connect them using a string.
  • Create a fence line using a string and take measurements with a tape measure.
  • Plan for a slope. But if the plot is relatively flat, then there's no need to do so.
  • Dig the holes for the posts.
  • Insert the fence posts into each hole. Pour concrete into the holes.
  • Attach the fence panels.
  • If you're going to add a gate to your aluminum fence, this is the point where you have to attach it.

How much does an aluminum fence cost in St. Louis, MO? Knowing what an aluminum fence will cost is important, especially if you are on a budget.

The average cost of an aluminum fence is about $20 to $45 per linear foot installed. That's for both residential and commercial-grade aluminum fences.

How do you install an aluminum fence to concrete? The following are the steps on how to do it:

  • Start by setting the initial post in concrete. Insert the first aluminum fence section into the hole of the post. 
  • Next, set the next post into the next hole. Insert the section and screw in fasteners to hold the section to the post. Fill the hole with concrete.
  • After completing a single fence line, check to see if height adjustments are needed. Make sure the heights of the posts and the fence are right before the concrete dries.