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Looking for a versatile fence option? You don’t have to look long since wooden fences are common yet offer unmatched versatility. You get the kind of safety and security you’re looking for in a fence while also getting that simple yet elegant appearance. With that in mind, only one option makes sense – Faster Fences! Your home deserves the best wood fence service available.

To get the best wooden fence service for your property, call us at Faster Fences. You’ll get the best and most reliable services combined with outstanding results that will make you feel secure and pleased at the same time. Our wooden fence solutions will exceed all your expectations and more.


Trusted Wood Fence Contractor
Trusted Wood Fence Contractor
You're looking to put a wooden fence around your property. A wooden fence is your choice because of the versatile nature of the material. It can be made simple or complex, yet it will still look great. The style choices are also numerous, further adding to the argument that they're among the best fence options. However, you'll need a wood fence contractor that you can trust. You can't choose the first contractor you run into or who is recommended to you. To make sure you make the right choice, you can put your trust in us at Faster Fences. We guarantee you'll get the best wood fence service.
Removal of Wooden Fence
Removal of Wooden Fence
Are you looking for a way to remove your wooden fence for whatever reason? It might be because you are going to get a new fence installed, or maybe you prefer your property to be fenceless. Whatever it is, you want a professional fence contractor to handle it. Our team at Faster Fences are experts at dismantling and removing wood fence panels, wood fence posts, and wood fence gates. We will do it all expertly and without disrupting your routine or schedule. With our expertise, we'll be able to remove your wooden fence smoothly and efficiently.
Wood Fence Style and Ideas
Wood Fence Style and Ideas
Our experience and expertise as a top fence company allow us to come up with different wood fence styles and ideas. We can say that we have experience with all kinds of fence styles and materials. Our company has also served different types of customers, so we have a good idea of what homeowners want for their properties. To homeowners who have their own wood fence ideas in mind, we can help you. We will guide you so you can make the right choices. Whether it's about the style or the design of the fence, we will be by your side to help you get the wooden fence you deserve.
Wood Fence Calculator
Wood Fence Calculator
Is a wood fence the best option for you and your property? If you decide to get a wood fence for your property, you'll get all the benefits of using that material to provide safety and security to your home and property. There is no doubt that it would be an amazing choice. But you would no doubt want to have an idea of what it would cost before you proceed. After all, it would be better if you know what your budget needs to be before moving forward. Contact us now at Faster Fences so you can enjoy our free estimate offer. Our wood fence calculator will provide an accurate idea of what the costs will be when you decide to go through with a wooden fence.
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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Faster Fences for your aluminum fence service?

So why choose us at Faster Fences for your wooden fence needs? First of all, we are a trusted name in fence design and installation services. We built our reputation through our hard work, dedication to quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Faster Fences is also known for our expertise in crafting quality wooden fences. Whether you want simple wood fence designs or a more complex one, we can provide them for you. We combine our unmatched expertise with our significant experience. That’s why we can deliver our services efficiently and within schedule. We are at the pinnacle of wood fence services.


Frequently Ask Questions

Some will say that it's easy and simple to build a wooden fence. That is especially true for those who have already experienced it. They know the process and what materials they need. There are DIY enthusiasts who can build a wooden fence. Still, it would be much better to seek the help of professionals to ensure that your fence is built right.

At Faster Fences, we have a proven and effective process for building wood fences. It's been tested time and again and has helped us deliver results that went beyond the expectations of our customers. Every wood fence that we completed has top-notch quality and craftsmanship. They were also completed in time because we used our process. It also helps that we are very experienced in designing and building wooden fences.

How much does a wood fence cost? If you want a wood fence for your property, you need to know what the cost would be. It's important to know what the budget would be.

The average cost of a wood fence is about $10 to $30 per linear foot that's installed. That's significantly cheaper than other fence materials, like vinyl, which costs around $15 to $30 per linear foot.

However, the type of wood used will impact the cost. Sturdy types of wood will cost more. So oak and cedar will be more expensive than something like pine.

How long is your wood fence going to last? This is a crucial piece of information, especially if you're still deciding on what type of fence you want. It could be a factor in your final decision.

Several factors affect how long your wood fence is going to last. Some of the factors include climate, maintenance, as well as the type of wood used. A wood fence that's well-maintained should be able to last from 15 to 20 years. But it needs proper care and attention every few years or so.

How do you stain a wood fence? Here are the steps on how to do it:

  • Spread drop clothes under the fence.
  • Use a 1/2-inch nap roller to apply the stain over broad surfaces.
  • Stain narrow surfaces and cut in and around fence boards using a 4-inch trim roller.
  • You can also use an electric cup sprayer to apply the stain. Move it vertically to apply the stain with the fence's wood grain.
  • After spraying a section of the fence, use the trim roller to clean up any drips.