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Are you looking to get a great-looking fence that’s also low maintenance? A vinyl fence is what you need to go for. An aesthetically pleasing fence is awesome, but it would be better if it offered more than that. Being low maintenance would be the perfect compliment to that aesthetic quality.  You can get that from our vinyl fences at Faster Fences!

At Faster Fences, you get the best vinyl fence service. Our excellent services guarantee outstanding results. We strive to achieve that for every vinyl fence project we build and complete. It all leads to satisfied customers, which results from our vinyl fence solutions.


Trusted Vinyl Fence Contractor
Trusted Vinyl Fence Contractor
You want to secure your property through a quality fence around it. The fence will provide protection and deter intruders from entering. A vinyl fence is your choice for the kind of top-notch security you're after. But it would be nice if its look would match your home's architectural style. To ensure quality vinyl fence installation, look to one of the top vinyl fence builders in the industry. That's us at Faster Fences, and we also happen to be one of the trusted vinyl fence contractors. So, if you want a vinyl fence, please call us and we will be happy to build it for you.
Removal of Vinyl Fence
Removal of Vinyl Fence
At some point, you might want to remove your vinyl fence. The reason could be anything, such as replacing it with a new style or material, or it's just too worn out. Regardless of the reason, you will need to find professionals who will do the job expertly and seamlessly. Our experts at Faster Fences can handle the removal of the vinyl fence with a high level of ease and efficiency. As part of our services, we will do it so smoothly that you won't even notice that we are removing your old fence.
Vinyl Fence Style and Ideas
Vinyl Fence Style and Ideas
As an experienced vinyl fence builder, we have all kinds of vinyl fence styles and ideas. With our experience, we can come up with different looks and styles that our customers prefer. At the same time, we welcome fresh ideas and suggestions from our customers on what they would like their fences to look like. So, if you are a homeowner and you have your fencing styles and ideas, you can share them with us. We will look at them and collaborate with you on what will work best for the fence we will build around your property.
Vinyl Fence Calculator
Vinyl Fence Calculator
Do you think a vinyl fence will look best for your property? If you think that's the case and you want to go through with it, you might want to know the cost first. You need to know what you will be spending on your vinyl fence. Our vinyl fence calculator will take care of that. Contact us and we will provide you with our free cost estimate. Once you know the vinyl fence installation cost, you can set aside the budget before the project starts.
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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Faster Fences for your vinyl fence service?

Why should you choose us at Faster Fences for your vinyl fence service needs? The number one reason is that it certainly won’t hurt to work with the leading vinyl fence contractor. We know everything about vinyl fence design, building, and installation. We are also reliable when it comes to vinyl fence repair.

While we are known for building and installing quality fences, we can also serve you with our repair service. Yes, we can provide repair for your vinyl fence if and when it’s needed. So, if you’re searching for – a reliable vinyl fence repair near you, go with us at Faster Fences.


Frequently Ask Questions

How do you install a vinyl fence? Let's say you want to install your vinyl fence yourself. What is the process involved in how to do it? The following is a simple step-by-step guide to that process.

  • Measure and mark the fence line.
  • Dig the post holes using a post hole digger.
  • Set and level the posts.
  • Secure the posts with concrete.
  • Measure and cut the fence panels.
  • Install the bottom rail.
  • Attach fence panels to the posts.
  • Install the top rail and caps.
  • Install the gates.
  • Lastly, add the latches and locks.

How do you clean a vinyl fence? The great thing is that there are many ways to clean it and make it look awesome. Below are some of the best ways to clean a vinyl fence.

  • Spray off your fence using a hose.
  • Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for simple dust and dirt.
  • Use bleach for cleaning.
  • Use a simple cleaning solution.
  • Use a specialized vinyl fence cleaner.
  • Use a pressure-washer.

How much does a vinyl fence cost? Knowing what it will cost is important so you can plan your budget.

The average cost of a vinyl fence is around $25 to $40 per linear foot installed. So a 200-foot vinyl fence would cost between $5,000.00 and $8,000.00.

How long does a vinyl fence last? Vinyl fences last between 20 and 30 years, but one that is properly maintained and taken care of will last for as long as 50 years. Compared to wooden fences, which last for as long as 14 years, vinyl fences last longer.

How do you install vinyl fence panels with brackets? The following are a couple of steps on how to do it properly.

  • Install the rail brackets - Attach the rail brackets to the vinyl fence posts. Use the screws that were recommended in the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Install the panels - When the rail hangers are attached to the fence posts, slide the panels into the brackets. Fasten the panels to the hangers using screws.